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Sorry I haven’t been on guys! I can no longer make gifs so it’s hard for me to actually use this blog lol. I’ll try be on as much as I can

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Anonymous was like: Also, I get that it a Halloween costume but I don't understand why Chachi was okay with her friend or whoever put the picture up but then asking for everyone to take it down. Why would you allow someone to put a picture up if you really didn't want anyone to see it? Well I think Chachi wanted that attention from whoever and once she saw that it was getting more negative feedback she decided it shouldn't be on there. Also, when she goes looking for a job she probably doesn't want that up.

then i was like:

I think she was okay with it being put up, but she didn’t expect it to get as much hate for it and told her friend and everyone else to take it down.

And when she goes looking for a job?

Sweetheart choreographing is her job, that’s how she gets paid. And it’s a Halloween costume, it’s not like she goes and dresses like everyday. She doesn’t even dress like that when she IS teaching

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Anonymous was like: Chachi's getting slammed about her costume because of who she is and the stuff she says. Many people think that her costume is degrading to herself. They feel as though because she always says respect yourself, etc.. people feel as though she shouldn't be walking around like that even for halloween. I personally don't like the costume just because I feel like Chachi could have been something else. Thats why I think people are coming at her that way.

then i was like:

Ok I understand that, but for some people if you feel the costume is degrading, why degrade her more? Why call her a slut, and attention seeker? Why not tell her she’s better than that, she doesn’t have to show skin? And I personally don’t think she actually went out in that, cause her friend who dressed up as the devil in the picture didn’t even go out in the outfit. But just because she’s wearing something that shows skin doesn’t mean she doesn’t respect herself.

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Yayyyyy time for another rant!

Lmao I saw so many confessions about chachi’s Halloween costume and I thought it was going to be something sooooo skimpy and I finally found the picture and…this is It? Why is everyone getting mad over this? I mean other people wear much worse than this and they’re much younger than chachi. So why is chachi getting slammed for it, ALSO, her friend has the exact same outfit on, so why isnt SHE getting slammed, why is chachi the only one getting hate for this  Actually, neither of them should be getting hate for this, these beautiful girls should be able to upload a picture of their Halloween costume with confidence because they know they look good and they shouldn’t be getting slammed because their stomach is showing. It’s her stomach, calm the fuck down. And for people who might say “but what about her top” ….what about it? It’s a regular bra/bikini/sports bra top. Chill out, let chachi do what she wants. Stop acting like y’all are so goody goody cause I’m sure yall have done much much much worse. 

"Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone" 

I know y’all know what that means. 
So y’all children need to settle down, and stay out of people’s lives
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